First Choice Kid's Club

These savings accounts are geared for our youngest members.  We want to help them start off on the right financial path.  From ages 0-12 these young members are rewarded for each level of savings they achieve.  We do our very best to connect with the future of our credit union.  In the late summer we invite them to a Kid's Club Picnic and invite them to see Santa in our Office in December.  It is our pleasure to serve these members and continue our focus on the future. 

Kid's Club Rules:

  1. The Club is open to all eligible members from newborn to 12 years old.
  2.  No fee for membership or withdrawals.
  3. Dividends will be paid quarterly corresponding to regular share accounts.
  4. "Clubbers" may not withdraw without parent or guardian's permission.
  5. Clubbers achieve different levels with each $100.00 saved in their account until they achieve the highest level of $600.
  6. Parents, grandparents, guardians or any other interested parties may make deposits at the office, by mail or through payroll deduction, if available.
  7. Clubbers will receive birthday cards, passbooks, coin savers, stickers, and valuable updates in the mail.
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